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Our Story Because we Agitate Convention

Why? Because that’s the opportunity sweet spot. We don’t just want to build an app to make tomorrow better, we want to build an entirely new future in this technology mad world.

Our Foundation for Success

What We Believe

We’ve never wandered far from what makes us who we are: driven, curious, straight-forward and creative. By grounding our studio, our work and our interactions in what we believe, we never will.

Live with passion

Our enthusiasm for great design and innovation is what unifies us. We are inspired by invention and its promise of a better life to come.

Be widely inspiring

With the right attitude, anything can be accomplished. We work hard to keep a positive vibe and a culture of collaboration which allows us to go further.

Take pride in your work

To be a great studio the work must come above all else. Individually and as a team, we relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we craft.

Make an impact

Everyone should see themselves as a steward of change. We are encouraged and empowered to take risks, push conventions and make the studio better everyday.

Explore and ticker away

To work in emerging technology requires a lust for learning and the courage to step outside your comfort zone. We explore new frontiers with tenacity and resolve.

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