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EventApp Digital Ecosystem

Our client came to us to develop a digital solution that would utilize the training staff's existing iPhones and Apple Watches, and support their goal of sustained engagement throughout the event, as well as facilitate event organization and enhance retention of the information shared during the five days.

We came up with a product strategy that utilized gamification in order to encourage sustained engagement, and serve as an educational and logistics tool. This strategy included a website, web-based application, iOS app and Apple Watch app.


In order to facilitate event organization, a registration website was created for both attendees and the press.

The website introduced the art deco theme of the overall event, provided event information, collected attendee information, facilitated airport shuttle pickups, and automated the process of importing attendee data for use within the application.

The iOS app that we built was a customized experience per-user. In the app, each user could view their points and badge tallies, their unique schedule for each day, a breakdown of their points earned, and the leaderboard across all attendees for the current day as well as the overall event.

A complex point-keeping system served as the foundation of the app. Points could be earned over the five days as users checked-in to events, earned bonus points, and answered quiz questions. As users hit certain point thresholds, they were awarded digital gemstones.

The Apple Watch app served as a companion to the iOS app. In the watch app, users could view their points and schedule, and quickly check-in to events.

Impact The Results Speak for Themselves


6,000 Check-ins
12,000 Quiz Questions Answered
75% Gems Earned
Zero Schedule Delays