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Telecom Revealing Reality

Our client came to us to develop a mobile POS for retail associates that would solve for pain points they experienced with their current tool ecosystem, support their sales process, and leapfrog the in-store experience of their competitors.

We enabled the client to understand how a mobile POS would effectively support the associate sales process through a day-in-the-life journey map and personas. Our team brought MVP opportunities to life through conceptual designs, and collaborated with a large number of stakeholders to reach consensus, creating a MVP, mid-term, and long-term roadmap to guide mobile POS development


Our team conducted contextual inquiries with associates in retail stores to understand how their current tools function in-context and how a mobile POS can improve their day-to-day experience.

To ensure that we were building an effective mobile POS solution that would be adopted by associates, we considered the larger context, taking the time to understand the role it would play in the entire retail experience. We discovered that this mobile POS would change the role of information and tools at the workstations, it would change how demos, sales, and checkout happen, and it would impact how associates interact with customers.

Conceptual designs were created to illustrate MVP recommendations.

Impact The Results Speak for Themselves


I’m so happy with the work your team’s done! Love the partnership & the quality of the work. VP of Multi-channel Strategy & Operations