How we create

Our Agency Process

Whether you have a concept, detailed requirements, or an existing business, we're here to help.


We want to hear your vision and help you to realize it! What are your goals? What gaps are you trying to fill in the market? We'll use our extensive experience in the mobile space to craft your plan to win.


Let's discuss the drive behind your idea and we'll think through the best technologies and features to fit your scope. You know what you want, and we know how to do it right - that's win-win.


Ora's UX and UI designers are fully versed in HTML5 design, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, and Google's Material Design standards so we can design beautifully no matter the platform.


We run the perfected user experience through our design process led by our award winning design team. Our business is making pixels thrive.


Your product is now ready to be brought to life by our experienced software craftsmen. We establish development sprints and deliver builds early and often.

App IQ

Our App Insight Quotient is a proprietary formula that not only evaluates your app's metrics, but also provides real, actionable suggestions for improvement.

Our Passion Is

Building New Ideas

Looking to price your next mobile or web app? We can supply you with a cost for our design and or development services.

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