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What We Do Android App Development Specialists

For this reason, we’ve built a team of Android app development and design specialists to ensure all the Android apps we create are of the same world-class standard as those we develop for iOS. We offer expert Android capabilities from strategy and user experience to development and quality assurance. Our team has grown to 50 digital experts and counting, all working to build custom mobile applications to help our clients seize all the opportunities available.


How We Do It

A Culture Obsessed With Making Things Worth Admiring

What will make the work better? That’s the question we ask ourselves most frequently. At ORA, the work comes above all else because it’s what unites our team, codifies our values and fuels our culture. When clients seek us out, that’s what they look for in a partner.

A Clear Path to Success

Taking a step back at the beginning of a project to listen, dig in, and challenge every known assumption is critical. Over time we’ve learned that the tighter a brief, the better the results. Our business strategy team helps clients review all available pathways to success and build a roadmap so we ensure they are utilizing their resources in the best possible ways.

Experienced & Efficient

Android has a lower barrier to entry because everything is open-sourced. This helps us design and develop impressive project configurations to not only set our client’s mobile app apart within the category but help define where they want their brand to go. Our fluency within the Android platform and a wealth of reusable technology and code make it easy for us to get through the building blocks quickly.

Senior-Level Talent with Specialized Expertise

We have no “B” team at ORA. We have learned that great work requires senior professionals, working as a cross-discipline team, against a clearly defined set of objectives. We hire only the best talent with specialized skills in their various areas of expertise.

A Full Range of Expertise from Strategy to Engineering

From digital strategy to ongoing performance optimization, we ensure all our disciplines are mature, best-in-class, and work in an integrated manner. While our heritage is in technology and engineering, our areas of expertise have expanded over the years to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our aim is to create products that deliver both a great experience and meet our clients’ goals.

A Hive of Technology Enthusiasts

At the core of what drives us is the heart of an inventor. We love to tinker and get into the minutia of how something works. This means that we design and develop with great success because we get the hardware and get how to avoid the pitfalls that often come with it. We know the possibilities and constraints so our clients can focus on what is important — creating something extraordinary for their users.

In-House and On-Shore

Our process works best when there is tight collaboration between our various cross-discipline team members. This type of design thinking is next to impossible to facilitate without a degree of familiarity and the ability to jump in a workshop at a minute’s notice. For this reason our entire engineering team is both in-house and on-shore.

Involvement of Technical Leads at Every Step

Everyone at ORA is technically savvy but we have found it’s critical to closely include a technical expert at every stage of the project. Our cross-discipline teams work to push the limits of our work while staying in scope and ensuring the technical feasibility of our ideas.

Want to see how we do it? Come on by, and we’ll pull up a chair for you right next to one of our developers. The question you’ll hear them ask most often is: What if?

TESTIMONIALS Don't Just Take Our Word On It

If you want something that works well, look no further.

Dan Parsons, CEO DRYV

Work with ORA while they still have availability.

Lindsay Douglass, PonyApp

Their whole team made us feel like we were their only client.

John Wanzung, CEO RadioFX

Their design ability is impressive.

Norm Bilow, MD The Escape Pod

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