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October 6, 2017 By Andre Sugai, Chief Technology Officer

ORA’s focus has always been on innovating with emerging technologies and on growing with technology communities. While Denver is already a well-known technology hub, a new opportunity arose this year for the ORA team in this burgeoning market.

I was selected as a member of the inaugural Denver Startup Week Ambassadors program – 3 days of intense activities where we met startups and established technology companies and more than 100 people from the thriving tech scene in Denver. As this was my first visit to Denver, I was very excited to see what the city has to offer and why it has come up so often in conversations about great places to work and live..

First Impressions

From day 1, I was delighted by how welcoming the startup community was and what an amazing pool of technical talent could be found here. Visiting companies like ibotta and SendGrid gave the Ambassador group a great sense of the diversity of companies that chose Denver as their home base.

As a growing company, one of the most interesting aspects of my conversations with our host companies centered around how they scaled their teams and their learnings on what it means to hire while growing a solid company culture. Going from 15 to 40 has been an amazing feat for ORA in the past year, but as we sustain our growth, we are beginning to understand some of the bits of wisdom that helped companies like GoSpotCheck grow to 100+ employees in such a short time.

Denver offers a brand new pool of talent and potential customers for ORA and we are excited to have been able to take part in the Startup Week and to have met so many awesome companies and teams.

In the coming weeks and months, ORA will begin to unveil the next evolution of our brand, our company, and our team. Our new mission and values will be solidified and our hope is that this new direction will help us secure our place as a thriving technology studio focused on emerging technologies in Chicago and beyond

To the Downtown Denver Partnership team, Conor Swanson, the volunteers from Code the Technical Talent Agency, and all participating startups and companies – a big thank you for all of your hard work in setting up this program and for making all of us at ORA feel welcome in Denver.